Best Alternatives to the London Tourist Passes

Best Alternatives to the London Tourist Passes

by Chiara C
Last Update: 17 September 2023

If you like the idea of having all your attractions in one place, the Keetoo app is the perfect place to manage your trip to London.

Unlike the London Tourist Pass, your money goes further and you can take things at your own pace, whilst managing how much you want to add to your account. The flexibility of being able to cancel attractions within 24 hours gives you much more flexibility. No one wants to ride the Hop-on Hop-off in the rain, do they?

You are also not confined to a time limit, so you don’t have to rush around trying to squeeze in as many attractions as possible into your day, or hurry back to the city within 30 days to use them up. Once you’ve topped up your Keetoo Wallet, it’s there to stay until you want it.

For every £40, you add to your Keetoo wallet, you’ll get £10 in Kredits for FREE to use on 100’s of attractions. You’ll also get £10 per adult and £6 per child in Kredits for FREE just by signing up.

Once you’re set up you can manage all your London attractions from one app. Discover the best attractions along with their opening times, prices and directions.

The Keetoo app is cashless, you can simply book, show your code at the entrance and you’re in.

Discover more about Keetoo and take London at your pace today.

Choose your attraction combination and save

A great day out without compromise.


Are London Tourist Passes Worth it?

Whilst London is full of free things to do, like museums, galleries and iconic sights, some attractions can get a little pricey – especially if you want to pack a lot into your days. This is why London Tourist Passes make sense for a lot of visitors. But are London Tourist Passes worth it for everyone? In this post, we break down the costs and explain who the pass works best for and how to make the most out of yours.

First, what is a London Tourist Pass?
There are two types of passes available, The London Pass and the London Pass with Oyster Card.

The London Pass gives you access to a full list of attractions across London. The prices are as follows (child is aged 5-15):

  • 1 day (£75 adult/ £55 child)
  • 2 days (£99 adult/ £75 child)
  • 3 days (£125 adult/ £89 child)
  • 6 days (£169 adult/ £125 child)
  • 10 days (£199 adult/ £149 child)

The London Pass with Oyster Card gives you access to these attractions as well as unlimited travel on all London underground, trams, buses, light-rail, Docklands and trains zones 1-6.

  • 1 day (£90 adult/ £64.30 child)
  • 2 days (£119 adult/ £93.60 child)
  • 3 days (£155 adult/ £116.90 child)
  • 6 days (£224 adult/ £157 child)
  • 10 days (£254 adult/ £204 child)

How to get the most out of your pass
If you’ve decided to go ahead and get the London Tourist Pass, here is what you’ll need to do to make the most out of it:

Start early
Get up and raring to go at the crack of dawn, ok maybe not that early, but 9 am is the optimum time to start your London adventures with the Tourist Pass.

Plan out your day
London is a big city, so don’t fall into the trap of planning your day one attraction at a time as you go. Make an itinerary to stick to and work out your journey before you set off.

Visit the most expensive attractions
To make the most of your pass, you’ll need to factor in the biggest attractions. The attractions that will add the most value to your pass include the View from the Shard, The Tower of London, Windsor Castle, Westminster Abbey and one of the football stadium tours.

The London Tourist Pass cons:

You want to see the less popular attractions
If the big attractions like the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey and London Bridge Experience are not on your itinerary, the pass is not likely to save you money. Whilst you will find smaller and more unique attractions on the list, it’s these big experiences that give you value for money.

You want to explore at a leisurely pace
To make the most out of your pass, you need to visit at least three attractions. So if you’re someone who likes to take their time and sit back and relax, this isn’t the right pass for you.

You want to live like a London local
If big attractions and ‘touristy’ sights are not your thing, and you prefer to wander off the beaten track and live like a local, this pass is not the one for you.

In summary

  • Not all attractions are included – so you may end up spending more
  • Some attractions are not centrally located so you’ll struggle to fit more in if you visit them
  • Not ideal for those who prefer non-popular attractions
  • If you’re staying for over a week and only plan on visiting one attraction per day

If this is the case, the Keetoo app is the ideal money and time-saving solution on your trip to London.

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