Monopoly Lifesized – Classic Board

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Monopoly Lifesized attraction is an immersive and larger-than-life experience based on the classic board game. Step into the iconic Monopoly world where you become the game piece, navigating through giant properties and chance cards, and competing with friends and family for a memorable adventure.
Visit Time: 2 hours

• Giant Monopoly Board: Walk through a life-sized rendition of the Monopoly board, complete with towering properties and interactive elements.
• Real-life Chance Cards: Take a chance with oversized Chance Cards that can lead to unexpected twists and turns in your journey.
• Multiplayer Fun: Enjoy a unique bonding experience as you compete against friends and family in a real-world game of Monopoly.
• Immersive Gameplay: Engage all your senses as you become a part of the game, making decisions and strategizing like never before.

ℹ️ Know before you go

Free Cancellation up to 24h
Wheelchair accessible

📍 Location

Monopoly Lifesized, 213-215 Tottenham Ct Rd, London W1T 7PS

🕒 Opening Times

Vary through the year, to get the most up to date opening times visit Monopoly Lifesized website


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