The Best Combination Tickets for London Attractions

by Chiara C
Last Update: 17 July 2023

Paying for attractions in London individually can end up being costly, especially if you’re planning to pack a lot into your visit to the capital city. This is why combination tickets for London attractions are the best way to save you money. They are also great for inspiring your itinerary if you’re not sure which attractions you want to do yet.

You can do combos of 2-6 attractions to make the most of your experience in London. Or you could book a tourist pass to save money and discover what London has to offer.

No matter what attractions you’re planning to visit, make sure you book them online to get the very best deal. Box office prices will always be much higher. So using combination tickets, passes and apps like Keetoo will ensure you are making the most of your money in the big city. Pre-planning your trips in this way means you’ll waste no time in long queues, have your days mapped out and have everything pre-paid and ready to go.

So, let’s explore the best combination tickets in London!

The Keetoo app

The Keetoo app is one of the most flexible ways to explore the city. We know plans change all the time, and even a last-minute rain downpour can derail your plans. So, it’s important to pick a pass that works for you.

The advantage of Keetoo compared to a Tourist Pass is that you can still visit all the best attractions, but you are not limited to the duration like you are with the Tourist Passes. The London pass limits you in days, whilst the Go City Pass only gives you 30 days to use them. Meanwhile, the Keetoo App means you can easily change your plans and your money will still be in your Keetoo Wallet, for when you’re ready to use it.

Plus you can use the Keetoo app to plan your trip to London and save whilst you do it. For every £40 you add to your Keetoo wallet, you’ll get £10 in Kredits for free to use at 100’s of attractions. In fact, just by signing up, you’ll get £10 per adult and £6 per child in Kredits added to your account.

Over 20,000 people are using Keetoo to plan their days out, and it couldn’t be easier to use. Simply book your trips through the app using your Kredits and flash the booking code at the entrance to enter. No more printed tickets and multiple emails to manage – just everything in one place. Also, understandably, plans can often change last minute so this app gives you free 24-hour cancellation, providing you with the flexibility you need to plan your London itinerary.

Find out more about the Keetoo app here.

Choose your attraction combination and save

A great day out without compromise.


See the best London attractions with a Combination ticket

The best way to get value for your money is to use combination tickets for the biggest attractions. Things like the London Eye, Hop-on, Hop-off Bus Tour and The London SEALIFE Centre are the perfect attractions to combine.

Here are some attractions that are worth combining to inspire your trip, whether you pick 2, 3, 4, 5 or even 6:

  • Madame Tussauds
  • Tower Bridge
  • The Tower of London
  • The London Eye
  • River Cruise
  • SEALIFE Centre
  • London Dungeons
  • The Big Bus Tour
  • London Aquarium
  • The View from the Shard

Combine the Hop-on and Hop-off bus tour with a London attraction

One of the most valuable combination tickets in London is the Hop-on, Hop-off bus tour combination ticket. The bus tour is one of the best ways to explore the city. You can simply hop on, sit back and take in the iconic sights of the city. The full tour lasts 3.5-4.5 hours, but the best part is that you can choose which part of the tour you’d like to do most and get on and off when you feel like it.

Some of the tickets even include a free River Cruise, so you can explore the city from the UK’s most famous river, the Thames.

Booking one of the Big Bus Tours combination tickets gives you access to any attraction of your choosing such as Madamme Tussauds, the London Eye, The Tower of London or St Pauls Cathedral.

Dinner and Dine on the West End

If you’re heading to London to catch a show, it’s worth booking a combination ticket for dinner too. There’s nothing worse than heading to the busy theatre district and not being able to get a table. Plus, you’ll be able to save money by pre-booking too.

There are many restaurants to choose from such as The Cocktail Club on Shaftesbury Avenue, Brazilian grill Cabana in Covent Garden, steakhouse Black Soho and French restaurant Cafe Rouge.

You can combine these central restaurants with big hits like Back to The Future: The Musical, ELF: The Musical. Lion King, Mamma Mia, Moulin Rouge and so many more.

Buy a London Tourist Pass

Another option to buy combination tickets for London attractions is to purchase a London Tourist Pass. There are multiple options. And it’s worth checking to see if a Tourist Pass is worth it for your itinerary first.

Here are some of the best Tourist Pass options:

The London Pass

With the London Pass, you’ll get access to most of the most popular attractions across the city. You can pick the number of days you’d like the pass for, and you can fit as many of the selected attractions as possible into those days. There is no limit to the attractions you can do in a day. You’ll be able to utilise the fast-track entry to make the experience as seamless as possible. All you need to do is pick your pass duration, download the app, and scan it to enter over 80 attractions across the city. This is a good idea if you like to be on the go all the time. However, you have to see at least three of the big attractions per day to make the most of the pass which leaves little downtime and you may struggle to fit in the attractions that are not centrally located.

London Go City Explorer Pass
The London Go City Explorer Pass is different as you can select what attractions you’d like to visit. So you build your itinerary from a choice of over 20 attractions across London. You can select 3, 4, 5 or 7 attractions and once activated have up to 30 days to use them all. It’s great for people who want to explore the city at a bit more of a leisurely pace.

More London (previously Merlin’s Magical London)
More London is a pre-selected combination ticket with five of the best attractions in London. The five attractions are:

  • The London Eye
  • Madame Tussauds
  • Shrek’s Adventure
  • The London Dungeons
  • SEALIFE London Aquarium

This ticket is valid for 90 days, so you won’t need to rush to get everything packed into a short trip.

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