The Top 7 Things to Do in Brighton

by Markus
Last Update: 17 July 2023

Are you looking for an action-packed day out in Brighton? If so, we’re here to help!

The region has always been popular with UK holidaymakers. But in recent years, foreign tourists have started to uncover its potential.

9.5 million day trips were made to Brighton in 2019 because of the beauty and excitement that the city has to offer.

You can take a romantic stroll along the seafront or feel like a child again at its world-famous pier. No matter your age or what you like, Brighton has something for you.
There are plenty of things to do in Brighton. But what things will guarantee you a day to remember on England’s southern coast?

Continue reading to find out!

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1. Brighton Palace Pier

Brighton Palace Pier is arguably the most iconic pier in the world.
It first opened its doors way back in 1899 but has been redeveloped many times since. The pier got damaged during a storm in 1973. Along with the popular theatre here, that wasn’t used since.
Today, the pier always has a carnival atmosphere because of its flashing lights and vibrant colours.

There are plenty of bars and restaurants lining the length of the pier. In the summer months, locals and tourists come here to relax and admire the view of the sea.
But the Palace Pier is most famous for its fairground rides. Adrenaline junkies can enjoy the speed of The Turbo Coaster or get spun around on The Booster. While younger kids will have a blast on the slides or the Cups & Saucers.

2. The Lanes

If you have plans to visit Brighton, you must get lost in the magical lanes! The area is known for its narrow lanes, small stores, and quirky colours.

This charming neighbourhood is in the city’s old fishing town, which dates to the eighteenth century. It is a perfect blend of modern and traditional England. So, although the streets and buildings are old, the stores and atmosphere are anything but.

Along the winding streets, you can sit back and relax in a cosy bar. Before returning to the bustling streets to shop until you drop at any of the top class stores here.
Make sure your camera is fully charged before you get here. You’ll be taking plenty of pictures throughout the day!

3. Undercliff Walk

The Undercliff Walk is off the beaten track. It starts at the marina and finishes at the port of Newhaven, stretching over 5 km.

The walk doesn’t attract many visitors, but that’s no reason to give this place a skip. With no herds of tourists, you’re able to enjoy the scenery at your own pace.
The walk is sandwiched between the sparkling sea and the chalky grey cliffs. In the summer months, you can walk at a leisurely pace while taking in the sun’s rays. In the winter, you can wake yourself up from the gusts of wind blowing in towards the coast.

This is the city’s coastal defence. So, it’s important to know that waves may splash over the seawall when there’s bad weather, especially when travelling with younger children.

4. SEA LIFE Brighton

This is one of the best family days out in Brighton. It first opened in 1872. And it’s not only the oldest aquarium in the UK, but it’s also the oldest in the world!
From the moment you enter the building, you feel as if you’ve stepped foot into another universe. You’re greeted with colourful lights and a sense of adventure. And it’s not long before your start feeling butterflies in your stomach.

But you don’t come to SEA LIFE to see the lights. You come for the sea creatures!
Inside, you come face to face with jaw-dropping sharks. Admire jellyfish glide through the clear waters or explore the rainforest zone and say hello to snakes and tarantulas.

5. British Airways Tower

There are plenty of things Brighton is famous for. The seaside experience, its pretty streets, but not for high-rise buildings. Yet, this tower is one of the most popular attractions in the city.

The tower stands 162 meters tall, dominating Brighton’s seafront. It opened in August 2016 as an observation deck, giving each visitor a great 360-degree view of the city.
You can enjoy the view overlooking the city with a glass of wine or a bite to eat at the tower’s bar or restaurant.

Since the viewing area is in an enclosed pod, there’s nothing to fear about the coast winds or anything else.

6. The Royal Pavilion

The Royal Pavilion isn’t just one of the best tourist attractions in Brighton. It’s one of the best things to do in England. One glance at any photo will make you realise why.

This seaside palace was built in the 18th century for King George IV. Which explain the lavish exterior and fancy interior.

Although you cannot meet any king here, you can learn about its fascinating history. When the weather is nice, there is no better place to be than in the peaceful gardens and estate.
If you’re lucky enough to be in Brighton when there’s an event here, try to get a ticket for this unique experience.

7. Brighton Museum And Art Gallery

You cannot visit a city and not see the local museum and art gallery. But to make things easier, this museum has two in one!

The museum is inside the Royal Pavilion Gardens. And it’s the best place to visit in Brighton to learn about the local history and culture.

Once you pay the small entrance fee, you have full access to everything. From 20th-century art to interactive displays that the younger audience will love!

Experience The Best Things To Do In Brighton

Brighton is a great place to explore on a day trip or a relaxing weekend getaway. The city offers top-class attractions without the herds of tourists. And without the London prices.

And now that you know the best things to do in Brighton, all that’s left is the fun part. For you to plan your trip south and take a well-earned break from the stresses of life!e!

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