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keetoo-kredit 4.9 Rating on Trustpilot
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keetoo-tick Visit Housesteads Roman Fort

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🎡 About this venue

  • Explore the barrack blocks and the hospital
  • Admire the stunning panoramic views of Hadrian’s wall from the fort
  • Visit the mini cinema and interactive museum which showcase objects belonging to Roman soldiers
  • Meet Felix, a character of the Fort who will guide the younger visitors around the museum

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❤️ Why we love Housesteads Roman Fort

“If you like history and beautiful views, then this will be right up your street. How wonderful that these remains are here for us to explore. I loved wandering the fort and hospital, pondering how things used to be. The Romans can keep their ancient toilets though! “

Ren, Director of Awesome and Problem Solver – Keetoo Crew ✌️

📢 Spill the beans, I want to know more!

Ever wondered what it would be like to guard an ancient Roman fortress? Well, now you can with a visit to Housesteads Roman Fort. Gaze out from the north wall of the fort to view Hadrian’s Wall, one of the most famous remains of Roman architecture and take in the beautiful panoramic views of the stunning countryside. Make your way through the barrack blocks and discover what a Roman hospital looked like. Take a look (if you dare) down an ancient Roman toilet and make your way to the museum to view its collection of Roman finds and collectables. Finally, see the ruins you’ve been exploring on the big screen as the fort is digitally restored before your very eyes.

🚗 How do I get there?

Hadrian's Wall, Hexham NE47 6NN

🕒 Opening Times

See Housesteads Roman Fort opening times here
Please arrive 30 minutes before the activity start time

☀️ Can I wear shorts when I go?


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