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keetoo-kreditAlways get more than you pay for
keetoo-kredit 4.9 Rating on Trustpilot
keetoo-kredit Mobile friendly tickets
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🎡 About this venue

  • Build your empire, collect houses, charge rent and try to escape jail
  • Work through puzzles to escape rooms and move your way through the board
  • Decide which of the boards best suits your taste
  • Don’t forget the on-site bar and restaurant The Top Hat – get your fill of cocktails

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❤️ Why we love Monopoly Lifesized

“I loved playing Monopoly as a child, but I hated losing to my brother who just had a knack for hoarding all the property and making my life miserable. I guess I just don’t have that killer business instinct but win or lose, this was a fantastic experience and I LOVED rolling the large dice, it’s the simple things!”

Ren, Director of Awesome and Problem Solver – Keetoo Crew ✌️

📢 Spill the beans, I want to know more!

Monopoly is back! It’s time to experience the world famous board game in a way that you’ve never played before, on your feet!
Introducing Monopoly Lifesized, an immersive 4D experience, brimming with real life characters and a property market that will make your eyes water (sound familiar?). Pick your team and head on down to London to try your luck on one of the four different 15m by 15m Monopoly Boards available from classic to luxury. Battle against rival teams and complete challenges to buy property and build your empire to win in this 80 minute exhilarating adventure. Afterwards, why not celebrate your win (or commiserate your losses!) in the Top Hat Bar and restaurant over a cocktail and a bite to eat. That’s if you’re not still stuck in jail!

🚗 How do I get there?

213-215 Tottenham Ct Rd, London W1T 7PS

🕒 Opening Times

See Monopoly Lifesized opening times here

☀️ Can I wear shorts when I go?


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